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Safe Route Challenge

             Help us raise $25,000 for a $25,000 match!

                           Still need $2500 ($22,500 in cash and pledges so far)

Every $1 raised for the “Safe Route Challenge,” a donor has agreed to match it 100% up to $25,000 to buy a van for the Learning Cafe` to use on the Oakdale Safe Route. 

Oakdale Neighbors Learning Cafe` is serving over 70 students this year with tutoring, mentoring, chess, robotics, and college prep at the Learning Cafe`. The van will primarily be used to drive students from various places on our Oakdale Safe Route, to the Learning Cafe`. Learners get necessary assistance with homework and mentoring.  

A little more about the Oakdale Safe Route. The goal is a 3 mile safe route through Oakdale and Boston Square where children and other pedestrians can get to their destination safely.​ The route will connect organizations, churches, schools, and businesses in the community.

_Adventure safe route wide (1080 x 400 px) 3 (1).png

Ways the van will make a big impact on the Learning Cafe

  • Transporting students to the Learning Cafe for tutoring 

  • Trips and activities

  • Visiting colleges and universities

  • Driving neighbors to community meetings

  • Staff trainings and development

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