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Our students are creating a place of belonging and learning, in a fun and creative space. Students in Oakdale come to the Learning Cafe for activities related to Math, Business, English, and Science. 



In 2017 two organizations providing youth programs, Oakdale Neighbors and Learning Cafe, developed a partnership to relocate and create a hub for youth, academics and mentoring. In 2020 we expanded and launched the program in the basement of Boston Square Church. 



1803 Kalamazoo SE

Our space is located in the bottom level of Boston Square Church. At full capacity our program space is 7000 sq ft. We have three multi-purpose spaces that convert into a youth room, classroom and gym area. Plus the space has a large kitchen for culinary activities.

Our after-school tutoring program provides a safe environment for students to continue learning and have fun with other kids. Students work in groups and individually based on their needs. Students are required to participate in 30 minutes of reading and/or 30 minutes of math each week. Each student is partnered with a volunteer Tutor. All schools and children are welcome.


June 20th-August 3rd

Monday-Thursday      4:00 -6:00 pm (Snack provided)

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Since 1998 students have learned the game of chess, are mentored by an adult, and develop decision making skills, plus expand creativity and strategic thinking.


This is an introduction to robotics using EV3 robots and programming where students will talk about working as a team, and presenting an answer to a real world challenge, and build their very own app.


Students learn different business techniques and strategies and have the opportunity to make real money in the process.


This is a basics of dance and composing music through interactive workshops with community members and a Grammy award winning Artist.


Local chefs will give students hands on experiences preparing basic healthy meals.

Intro to Trades

Students will have the opportunity to learn and explore a number of different Trades needed to complete a construction project with a Foreman. They will also be able to tour the new Community Hub on Kalamazoo Ave.

Author Book Club with Art 

Taught by 2 of our very own volunteers, students will learn how to write and artistically tell their life stories.


August 21st to May 24th

Monday-Thursday  12:00 - 4:00 pm (Snack provided)

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Want to give back to your community? Volunteering is important to put on a job resume or college application. Learners-2-Leaders is a three layered internship program. Students received tutoring assistance, mentoring towards college, and are encouraged to give back by volunteering at the Learning Cafe. This helps high school students prepare for college or post-secondary options. Learners-2-Leaders offers volunteer and paid internship opportunities. All students are encouraged to volunteer. This program is designed for high school and college age students who want to work with younger students. 


School Year

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Many neighborhood latch-key kids can’t attend our programs because they don’t have anyone to drive them. So, we’re building a volunteer drivers pool. We’ll provide the van and the gas, you provide the skills and the smile. 


If you can drive, you can make a difference. Join us! .

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